Every Mother Deserves to Raise Her Child

In a wilderness of heartbreak

and a desert of despair,

Evil’s carrion of justice

shrieks a cry of naked terror.

He’s taking babies from their momas

and leaving grief beyond compare. -Gil Scott-Heron

Every mother deserves to raise her child that she has watered and fed and grown beneath her heart.

This “poverty” you speak of to convince/brainwash/gaslight her into believing that she isn’t enuf is a weak excuse because we know that poverty is manmade.

The solution you say is take that child–that love grown child that reflection of her ancestors–and give him to people who pay 40,000 for a “homestudy”.

How about pay her a living wage?

How about a long, paid maternity leave?

How about quality healthcare for all?

We know this country has plenty of money.

BILLIONS & BILLIONS & BILLIONS in giveaways and tax cuts and tax breaks to corporations every year. TRILLIONS to wars that kill other people’s children.

So your solution to separate mother and child is violent. Is lacking. Is unimaginative. Is cruel. Is reminiscent of 400 years of children sold away from their mothers.

In this land of plenty, there is an industry that function on separating children from their mothers. And we are not screaming.


Truth Out! Adoption Collective’s Mission Statement

Truth Out! Adoption Collective is a group of young adults who were adopted internationally and transracially and who have connection to domestic infant adoption. Because of our multi faceted experiences  we are a critical voice in the adoption discourse which is dominated by people who adopt.  Unless we–the ones who were adopted, our mothers, and our families–speak in favor of adoption and adhere to the status quo, we are cast away and our voices made invalid by the dominant culture. The dominant people in adoption are the dominant people in society today–petite bourgeois/bourgeois white people(but also some petite bourgeois people of color). They write the adoption legislation, make the law, are the judges, sit on the board of adoption agencies, run adoption agencies, lobby congress, are in congress, and own the corporate media thereby control public opinion on adoption.

We–people who were separated from our original families/communities/cultures thru adoption and our families–do not hold this power. We as a whole are from the exploitable section of this society.

There is a huge power disparity between people who adopt and  us –people who are adopted and our families. Adoption, being rooted in capitalism, is a wealth transfer from the working class to the petite bourgeois and bourgeois class.

This power disparity is present in international adoption, domestic infant adoption, CPS/foster care.

We know that the Adoption Industry is nothing like Indigenous and  African community care–which is about helping out a family in need and never about separating children from their mothers/families.

We know that Adoption has been used as a tool of colonialism and cultural genocide and is used today for the same.

This needs to be talked about Truth Out! Adoption Collective will talk about it.

We will not cater to the petite bourgeois  adoptive parent gaze. We are not here for their approval. They can eat a huge slice of humble pie and learn. Or not.

“We currently have ample evidence that reveals that adoption is not “about children”. I no longer feel the need to argue about adoption along lines which take for granted its status quo acceptance. And I would like to go on the record as saying: As opposed to seeing adoption as a beneficent action, it can instead be stated that its very presence marks the failure of a society to care for those in need.”–Daniel Ibn Zayd


Truth Out! Adoption Collective is a space for adoptees, current or former wards of the state ( aka Foster Care) and mothers/first families to share their stories. If you would like to share your story or become a blogger on this site email truthoutadoptioncollective@gmail.com