Keymani Kirby: How CPS fails families


15 year old Keymani Kirby, a young mom whose Facebook page is filled with  pictures of her beautiful baby, made headline news when she ran away from a foster home with her 6 month old baby son.

Why did she run away?

The young mama fled when she learned that her baby was going to be separated from her and put into a different foster home.

What utterly terrifying heart sinking news to get. To be already in a system that is so disempowering and get the news that your baby is going to be taken away from you and there is nothing you can do about it.

#BlackLivesMatter should mean black families matter. But just as white supremacist cops abuse and kill Black people with impunity, just as the criminal “justice” system locks away our people with impunity, Child Protective Services steals children from their mothers with impunity.  This White Supremacist-Capitalist-patriarchal system shows loud and clear that our families/our lives don’t matter.


Every mother deserves to raise her child that she has watered and fed and grown beneath her heart. That means 15 year old mothers living in foster care.

It is completely unacceptable that CPS is seeking to separate this mother and child. It is violent. It is heartless. It is reminiscent of 400 years of children being sold away from their mothers.

People are fighting to keep Keymani and her son together. Please like this Facebook page. Please spread the word and get involved. This is what #BlackLivesMatter means.


10 thoughts on “Keymani Kirby: How CPS fails families”

  1. This is such a huge and important point! For a variety of reasons there are not enough foster homes willing to take parenting teens and it is absolutely atrocious. And it needs to change. I am so glad to see this issue being brought up. It’s about Keymani but it’s also about SO MANY MORE people that go through this. Before we were licensed foster parents I was calling to ask a question at CPS, but the person who answered the call accidentally transferred me to the wrong person. The first thing she said when she answered was “Please tell me you’re calling to say yes!” and I said “huh?” (because I had no idea what she was talking about) and she went on to explain that she had a teen mom and her baby in need of a home and that they had called EVERY licensed person in the county and hadn’t gotten a yes. They had moved on to other counties, but still hadn’t gotten a yes. This mother and baby would likely be separated for the night, maybe longer. We were’t licensed then, so there was nothing that we could do. But I’ve thought of that mother many times since. This absolutely shouldn’t be happening.

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    1. Hi Erin, the point here is CPS is part of the same system that rips apart working class families of color for profit. It happens all the time. The vast majority of children are removed because of issues related to poverty (case worker came over and not enuf food in the fridge, unpaid light bill etc.) Poverty is manmade. Instead of fixing these simple issues in a country that has so many resources, CPS removes children from their families. Children are endangered by going from one strangers home to the next. The vast majority of children are abused after being removed from their families.
      Read these. 1)

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      1. What does it sound like? Sound it out. Hint: I have had enuf of white men refusing to acknowledge the innumerable privileges they hold under the white-supremacist-capitalist-misogynist system we live under.


    1. I agree that not every child that has been taken away from their birth parents by CPS should have been, but I’m curious what you would do instead. As a foster parent I can attest to the fact that every child I have met was seemingly rightfully removed. That doesn’t mean I haven’t heard horror stories. Those have just been my experiences. I’m curious what your alternative would be. I’ve never known a child to be taken away ONLY for an empty fridge. Every child I have known in foster care has endured much, MUCH more than that. But I don’t doubt that it’s happened at some point to some child 😦


      1. Did you know that 6X (!!!!!) as many children die in Foster Care than in the general population. Children in foster care also face higher rates of abuse than in the general population. Already this tells me foster care /CPS is not a holistic, safe, or humane solution.
        What alternative can I think of? Oh, I have so many running thru my head. I am willing to have a discussion publicly or otherwise. But first could you please do some research on CPS–I am saying this with all seriousness and sincerity, no sarcasm here. Information on CPS/FosterCare/Adoption is controlled by the industry and is very one sided. When people who have been harmed by the system try to speak out, they are silenced and made to look illegitimate/ not trustworthy. But those voices are out there altho harder to access.
        Please read this
        And watch this

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