Keymani Kirby: How CPS fails families


15 year old Keymani Kirby, a young mom whose Facebook page is filled with  pictures of her beautiful baby, made headline news when she ran away from a foster home with her 6 month old baby son.

Why did she run away?

The young mama fled when she learned that her baby was going to be separated from her and put into a different foster home.

What utterly terrifying heart sinking news to get. To be already in a system that is so disempowering and get the news that your baby is going to be taken away from you and there is nothing you can do about it.

#BlackLivesMatter should mean black families matter. But just as white supremacist cops abuse and kill Black people with impunity, just as the criminal “justice” system locks away our people with impunity, Child Protective Services steals children from their mothers with impunity.  This White Supremacist-Capitalist-patriarchal system shows loud and clear that our families/our lives don’t matter.


Every mother deserves to raise her child that she has watered and fed and grown beneath her heart. That means 15 year old mothers living in foster care.

It is completely unacceptable that CPS is seeking to separate this mother and child. It is violent. It is heartless. It is reminiscent of 400 years of children being sold away from their mothers.

People are fighting to keep Keymani and her son together. Please like this Facebook page. Please spread the word and get involved. This is what #BlackLivesMatter means.

Every Mother Deserves to Raise Her Child

In a wilderness of heartbreak

and a desert of despair,

Evil’s carrion of justice

shrieks a cry of naked terror.

He’s taking babies from their momas

and leaving grief beyond compare. -Gil Scott-Heron

Every mother deserves to raise her child that she has watered and fed and grown beneath her heart.

This “poverty” you speak of to convince/brainwash/gaslight her into believing that she isn’t enuf is a weak excuse because we know that poverty is manmade.

The solution you say is take that child–that love grown child that reflection of her ancestors–and give him to people who pay 40,000 for a “homestudy”.

How about pay her a living wage?

How about a long, paid maternity leave?

How about quality healthcare for all?

We know this country has plenty of money.

BILLIONS & BILLIONS & BILLIONS in giveaways and tax cuts and tax breaks to corporations every year. TRILLIONS to wars that kill other people’s children.

So your solution to separate mother and child is violent. Is lacking. Is unimaginative. Is cruel. Is reminiscent of 400 years of children sold away from their mothers.

In this land of plenty, there is an industry that function on separating children from their mothers. And we are not screaming.

You Shouldn’t Adopt Black Children If…

If…You in anyway rationalize the murders of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Mariam Carey, Aianna Jones, Rekia Boyd, Yvette Smith, or any other black person who was murdered by state sanctioned police violence. Or you let your family members do it without calling them out.

If…You don’t have any meaningful relationship with a black person.

If…You think the Black Panthers were national terrorists. 

If…You hear the slur “welfare queen” and imagine a black woman.

If…You think the problem with this country is welfare queens getting pregnant just to steal more of your tax dollars.

If…You imagine a One God, gendered male, and colored White.

If…Your idea of beauty and excellence in people, art, music, film, literature etc. is rooted in Eurocentricity.

If…You think the disproportionate number of black people in US prisons is due to Black criminality.

If…You secretly think Black people should “just quit their whining and pull themselves up by the bootstrap”  while refusing to realize that this White Supremacist-Capitalist-Patriarchal system grants you innumerable privileges in every part of your life.

If…If you refuse to use these privileges to work to break down the White Supremacist-Capitalist-Patriarchal system that is so hostile to Black life.

Adoption in the context of Imperialism

What’s adoption got to do with it?

Adoption–infant, international, or foster–is the practice most misunderstood by the public even by leftists and social justice activists.

Activists are like *let’s make sure adoptive parents get equal maternity leave when they adopt a baby* instead of asking why can’t this newborn stay with his mom or investigating the power inequality that led to this arrangement.

Adoption scholar Daniel Drennan ElAwar, himself internationally adopted as an infant from his homeland of Lebanon, has produced the deepest and most historically accurate scholarship on adoption/family separation/trafficking.

He states:

“From what I know now of adoption and trafficking, I state the following:

Adoption is, in and of itself, a violence based in inequality. It is candy-coated, marketed, and packaged to seemingly concern families and children, but it is an economically and politically incentivized crime. It stems culturally and historically from the “peculiar institution” of Anglo-Saxon indentured servitude and not family creation. It is not universal and is not considered valid by most communal cultures. It is a treating of symptoms and not of disease. It is a negation of families and an annihilation of communities not imbued with any notion of humanity due to the adoptive culture’s inscribed bias concerning race, class, and human relevancy.


“It is a negation of families and an annihilation of communities not imbued with any notion of humanity due to the adoptive culture’s inscribed bias concerning race, class, and human relevancy.”

This applies to the crisis raging in America (or by America) right now–the immigrant children torn from their parents for whatever shady reason and also families torn apart by the prison system, war, and by the ironically named CPS (Foster Care).

Adoption is part of the subjugation of women, the working class, and the Third World (the global working class).

Adoption has been used as a tool of colonialism and cultural genocide and is used today for the same.

This needs to be talked about Truth Out! Adoption Collective will talk about it.

We will not cater to the petite bourgeois adoptive parent gaze. We are not here for their approval. They can eat a huge slice of humble pie and learn. Or not.

“We currently have ample evidence that reveals that adoption is not “about children”. I no longer feel the need to argue about adoption along lines which take for granted its status quo acceptance. And I would like to go on the record as saying: As opposed to seeing adoption as a beneficent action, it can instead be stated that its very presence marks the failure of a society to care for those in need.”–Daniel Ibn Zayd

Truth Out! Adoption Collective is a space for adoptees, current or former wards of the state ( aka Foster Care) and mothers/first families to share their stories. If you would like to share your story or become a blogger on this site email